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DKBIO companies

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Biological data science: BioLib is a library of software tools for analysis of biological data. We are on a mission to empower researchers in the life sciences by making breakthroughs in machine learning and computational biology accessible. With BioLib, researchers in pharma and the life sciences can access and run state-of-the-art tools like AlphaFold and ProteinSolver, in the way that works for them - whether that means using Python APIs, the command-line, or a browser-based front-end. Tools in the library require no installation to run and BioLib’s zero-knowledge compute environments allow organizations to instantaneously deploy and run tools developed by third parties without any risk of exposing sensitive data.

biolib logo.png


Infection management: Biomodics is a Danish biotech focusing on development of safe and long-lasting medical devices for urological treatments based on a propriety technology platform. We eliminate healthcare associated infections. Biomodics develops new biocompatible polymer materials capable of protecting patients against infections and other diseases via a depot and a transport facility for drugs.

biomodics logo.png



Biopharma: Cbio A/S is a biopharmaceutical company. Cbio's mission is to develop and bring next-generation cell-based immunotherapies to cancer patients worldwide to enable cancer cure. The focus is on so-called Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte – or TIL therapy, the most promising cell-based treatment for solid tumors, accounting for 90% of cancers. Cbio's transformative new TIL product – novoleucel – enables more patients to be treated due to its minimal invasiveness, a broader T-cell repertoire, short production time and industrial scalability without compromising yield.

Cbio logo png.png

 Ciana Therapeutics


Ophthalmology: Ciana Therapeutics is a clinical development-stage company lead by an experienced team. Their lead therapy is a small-molecule oral therapy that treats clinically validated pathologies of diabetic retinopathy (DR) and addresses a large unmet medical need. Unlike the leading injectable eye therapies that target VEGF to limit vascular edema, this novel oral therapy stabilizes cell-cell junctions, protects from retinal capillary breakdown and reduces vascular leakage and edema. By targeting the core disease pathology, this oral therapy is uniquely suited to address the need for more effective and less burdensome therapies for all DR patients.


Regenerative medicine: ClexBio is a regenerative medicine company developing novel tissue engineered solutions to treat various clinical conditions - the first product in the company’s pipeline is a human acellular vein graft for replacement of damaged veins of patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)


Embark Biotech 

Metabolic diseases: Embark Biotech is a platform company that identifies novel cell surface receptors that physiologically regulate fat tissue calorie-burning and glucose and lipid uptake as well as central control of food intake. Candidate receptors are prioritized via integration of in-house datasets from disease-relevant animal models and human genetic disease associations. Upon identification of a novel target, peptide and small molecule chemistry approaches are employed to engineer proprietary APIs, which are rigorously tested in mouse models and primary human cells.

Embark logo.png


Fibrotic diseases: Galecto is a clinical stage company incorporated in the U.S. that is developing small molecule-based inhibitors of galectin-3 (and the galectin family generally) and LOXL2. Galecto has multiple ongoing Phase 2 clinical programs in fibrosis and cancer, including (i) an inhaled galectin-3 modulator (GB0139) in a Phase 2b trial for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF); (ii) an orally active LOXL2 inhibitor (GB2064) in a Phase 2a trial for the treatment of myelofibrosis; (iii) an orally active galectin-3 inhibitor (GB1211) in a Phase 1b/2a trial in liver cirrhosis and a separate to-be-initiated Phase 2a trial for the treatment of NSCLC in combination with atezolizumab (Tecentriq®).

Galecto logo - full res_png.png


Digital health and diagnostics: gMendel® is a Danish biotech aiming to transform the diagnosis of genetic disorders for better disease management. gMendel® technology combines Genomics, AI/Machine Learning & Blockchain, and provides a shorter, safer and more economical path to accurate diagnosis, ensuring the highest security & patient data encryption. gMendel®Test relies on multilevel multiplexing, DNA sequencing and demultiplexing of barcodes through which genetic disorder classification and detection of a large number of samples is performed by following a deep learning multi model fusion strategy.


Heli company .png

Oncology: Hemispherian is a Norway-based preclinical pharmaceutical company. We are advancing a new class of cancer therapeutics that are specifically designed to treat some of the most aggressive forms of cancer. These drugs are expected to be exceptionally well tolerated resulting in few, if any, side effects. The drugs target the DNA damage response pathway by acting on an entirely new Mechanism of Action that is present uniquely in cancer cells.

 Lytix Biopharma

Oncology: Lytix Biopharma is a drug development company with a world leading, first-in-class technology platform for treatment of solid cancers.

The company’s lead candidate drug is in three independent Phase II clinical trials, supported by firm scientific, commercial and financial validation.



Hematology / medtech: MedTrace Pharma A/S is a growth stage company innovating medical imaging by making the biomarker 15O-water practically available.  The company recently completed its Series B financing of $30m and are embarking on its phase III trial in coronary artery disease, which is the first clinical indication pursued. With luminary collaboration partners in the US, Europe and Japan, the company is also exploring the multitude of clinical opportunities in other indications such as oncology and neurology. 


NMD Pharma  

Rare neuromuscular diseases: NMD Pharma is a clinical-stage biotech company founded with a focus to deliver life-transforming therapies for people living with neuromuscular diseases. We have a unique translational muscle electrophysiology platform leveraging in-depth know-how of muscle physiology and muscular disorders for discovering and developing first-in-class therapeutics in neuromuscular diseases with a significant unmet medical need. NMD Pharma is the leading company utilizing ClC-1 Chloride ion channel inhibitors for neuromuscular diseases and currently has one clinical-stage product candidate for the treatment of myasthenia gravis and spinal muscular atrophy. 



Digital health and diagnostics: PipeBio's vision is to combine a sequence database, strong analytical engine and easy to use “point and click interface”, to battle some of the most horrible and intractable problems in biology..A multi-omics approach and analysis of patients' antibody repertoire in conjunction with genomic information down to the single cell level will create an unprecedented accuracy for “individualized medicine” of future treatments.


Oncology: PokeAcell is developing multitargeted neoantigen cell products with unique precision and functionality in solid tumors. PokeAcell’s proprietary AIM algorithm predict neoantigen immunogenicity and with the ImmPACT platform, patient T cells are precision activated and modulated to ensure a favourable phenotype for strong in vivo proliferation. ImmPACT presents a novel approach to deliver multitargeted cell products to solid tumors, with an enhanced phenotype and simple manufacturing.

pokeAcel logo.png

Snipr biome

Microbiome: SNIPR BIOME is a leading CRISPR and microbiome biotech company incorporated in Copenhagen, Denmark.  SNIPR BIOME is engaged in the discovery and development of CRISPR/Cas-based medicines deploying its proprietary and patent-protected CRISPR/Cas platform. The company applies its CRISPR technologies to selectively target microbial pathogens and remodel the microbiome to address important unmet medical needs. 



Surgical / Oncology: SonoClear has developed a novel and advanced acoustic coupling fluid ( SonoClear® ACF)  that removes the image artifacts by mimicking the acoustic properties of normal brain tissue, providing a powerful clinical tool to achieve total resection of brain tumors. The invention and company stems from a collaboration of neurosurgeons and engineers at the Norwegian National Advisory Unit for Ultrasound and Image-Guided Therapy. The patented technology platform is further applied to improve surgical outcomes in coronary bypass surgery grafting, breast conserving surgery and colorectal cancer staging


stipe therapeutics 

Oncology: STipe Therapeutics focuses on harnessing the innate immune system to battle cancer. The company has developed first-in-class drugs targeting intracellular protein-protein interactions of the STING Pathway; a major driver of innate immunity, and regulator of tumorigenesis and autoimmune disorders. 

The company has identified and validated compounds that sensitizes the STING pathway and by this modulates the tumor microenvironment to support a potent anti-tumoral response.

20180709 logo STipeTx-01.jpg


Immuno-oncology: Targovax (OSE:TRVX) is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company developing immune activators to target hard-to-treat solid tumors. Targovax’s focus is to activate the patient’s immune system to fight cancer, and thereby bring benefit to cancer patients with few available treatment alternatives. Targovax is assessing its product candidates in different cancer indications, including melanoma, mesothelioma, and colorectal cancer, and has demonstrated a favorable safety and tolerability profile. 


Vesper Bio  

Vesper Biotechnology is a preclinical biotech company developing treatments based on Vps10p-protein to target various therapeutic indications.

Vesper Biotechnology logo PNG.png


2n pharma 

Neurology: Building on more than a decade of research, 2N Pharma is developing small molecule therapeutics to improve deficient cellular energy production caused by neurometabolic imbalances. Pre-clinical data from animal models of ALS, Parkinson’s and MS show that modulating the pathway has a profoundly positive effect on survival and quality of life.

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